How To Give Your Kitchen More Va Va Voom

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, it’s where you all come together to eat and talk and it’s where you socialise with friends when pouring out a cheeky glass of wine. We spend more time in the kitchen then we might initially think, as we’re in there at least 3 times a day just to make our meals. But how can you make your kitchen more full of life and give it a new face without breaking the bank? Well there are lots of small things you can do to make your kitchen more specious, less dingy and a little more inviting.



Gadgetry is always a good way to make your kitchen look a little more up to date and sophisticated. Whether it be a slightly fancier kettle or just a few small gadgets to make life just that little bit easier for you, they make the difference. You could go for cheaper gadgets like tea diffusers and electric can openers or more extravagant things like mixers and even small televisions.

Clever Storage

By this I mean keeping everything minimal on sides and sinks. If you had all of your gadgets out on show at any one time you’d be left with little to no space to prepare your food! Think about spice racks and wine racks to keep bits and bobs out of the way whilst also utilizing the space you have on your walls. Really deep pull out drawers are a great way to create the illusion that the kitchen is tidy and neat, nobody needs to know about the giant pile of pans behind the cupboard door.

New Worktops

After time your average worktop will gain some questionable scuffs and stains that can and can’t be explained and it doesn’t look very neat or tidy. Kitchen worktops in Essex, for example, are extremely affordable and very hard wearing. Granite is the more popular choice as it look great and lasts for years on end, you don’t have to fork out a fortune to have luscious worktops for your kitchen.

A Lick Of Paint

You’d be surprised at what just a small lick of paint can actually do to a room. You should avoid pale colours as staining is a big pain in the bum when cooking and it means you have to top it up every few months or so. Go for bold colours that are bright and light so you do not lose any light out of your kitchen, dark colours are less inviting. Colours such as yellow, red and blue (primary colours) are good as they make a statement without being too overbearing.

Break Out The Marigolds

Give that kitchen a good old top to toe clean! You would be shocked if you realised just how much dirt actually sticks to the walls, floors and cupboards. Just giving everything a good scrub can make your kitchen shine like a diamond, and for a cheap price. You will have to compare products to see what you should use where, but most will have warning labels of some sort.


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